Price list for international services

The fees in our company are fixed regardless of the amount of refund, however, we make every effort to make this amount as high as possible.

The fee for preparing an application for family allowance is also fixed and covers handling the case from the first consultation with the client to the moment the money is deposited into their account.


Tax settlement 420zł
Preparation of family allowance application (Familienbeihilfe) 700zł
Preparation of Betreuungsgeld application 800zł


Tax settlement 420zł
Preparation of family allowance application (Kinderbijslag) 700zł
Annual leave/holiday bonus 350zł


Tax settlement 360zł
Preparation of family allowance application (Kinderbijslag) 400zł
Sofinummer for spouse/partner 250zł
Supplement/return for insurance 330zł


Tax settlement 380zł
Preparation of family allowance application (Kindergeld) 700zł
Questionnaire for checking entitlement to Kindergeld 320zł
Preparation of maternity/parental allowance application (Elterngeld) 1000zł
Commercial tax settlement (Gewerbe) from 1000zł net - individual pricing
Zero-rated commercial tax settlement (Gewerbe) from 600zł net - individual pricing (discounts for regular clients)
Identification number (Identifikationsnummer) for taxpayer 230zł
Change of tax class 250zł
Freistellungbescheinigung - initial application 650zł + 50zł
Freistellungbescheinigung - continuation with report 600zł
Report for Freistellung 360zł
Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung (VAT advance return) from 150zł net - individual pricing


Tax settlement 500zł


Tax settlement 480zł


Tax settlement 500zł

Before settling abroad, you should settle with the Polish Tax Office (PIT), which can also be commissioned by us. The fee then is from 120 zł.

We also perform settlements with the Polish tax office for income from all countries, including outside our basic offer.

We also deal with matters related to registering and deregistering activities abroad, closing bank accounts, deregistration, insurance, overlapping insurance, and many others. Prices are determined individually after consultation with the client.

We also cooperate with a translation office, and all necessary translations are done at very competitive prices.

Most of the documents you receive from us are bilingual and no longer require translations.